The Spiritual Guide by. Miguel de Molinos. The English translation was published in London, in , and is a translation of an Italian. Miguel de Molinos was a Spanish mystic, the chief representative of the religious revival known as Quietism. In , Molinos published his most famous work. Miguel de Molinos (29 June – 29 December ) was a Spanish mystic, the chief . Miguel de Molinos, The Spiritual Guide, ed and trans by Robert P Baird, (New York: Paulist Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version .

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The Spiritual Guide of Miguel Molinos [Miguel de Molinos] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Inquisition ordered this book to the. Golden Thoughts from The Spiritual Guide of Miguel Molinos, the Quietist. by: Miguel de Molinos, Joseph Henry Shorthouse. Publication date. download The Spiritual Guide by Miguel de Molinos (eBook) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews.

In early Christianity, suspicion over forms of mystical teaching may be seen as controversies over Gnosticism in the second and third centuries, and over the Messalian heresy in the fourth and fifth centuries. Likewise, the twelfth and thirteenth-century Brethren of the Free Spirit, Beguines and Beghards were all accused of holding beliefs with similarities to those condemned in the Quietist controversy.

Similar assertions of individual autonomy on the part of the Fraticelli led to their condemnation by John XXII in The condemnation of the errors of Meister Eckhart in may also be seen as an instance of an analogous concern in Christian history. In early sixteenth century Spain, concern over a set of beliefs held by those known as alumbrados raised similar concerns to those of Quietism. These concerns continued into the mid-sixteenth century, and the writings of Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross.

Thus, their work was not condemned as heresy, being consistent with Church teaching. Turner and caused sharp controversy with evangelicals in the society. The Capuchin friar Benet Canfield — , an English Catholic living in Belgium, espoused quietism in a tract called Way of Perfection, on deep prayer and meditation. The greatest onslaught is to be without any onslaught at all. Therefore be glad when you are assaulted.

With resignation, peace and consistency…abide. There, in internal regions, walk and live.

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You must walk the path of temptation. You will not walk down this road very far before you discover that the most internal parts of you are scattered; scattered and active, moving from one thing to another. Collect yourself in His presence with the one purpose and intent of loving Him.

Come to Him as one who is giving himself to God. The consistency of true prayer is in faith, and in waiting on Him. First you believe that you are in His presence.

You believe that you are turning to Him with all your heart. And you wait there before Him, tranquilly. You can expect to suffer through problems of a multitude of thoughts, problems of the imagination, provocation of your natural desires, and problems of an inward life that is very dry. All of these temptations must yield to the spirit.

And if it seems to you that you have done nothing in the time that you have set aside for the Lord, do not be deceived. A good heart — a firmness in prayer — is something that is very pleasing to your Lord.

When we come to the Lord in this way we labor without personal interest.

We are as the young men who work in the field with their father. At the end of the day, unlike the hired labor, we receive no pay.

But at the end of the year, we enjoy all things. When there is no emotional experience nor intellectual insight into His way, the enemy may suggest to you that God has not spoken. But your Lord is not impressed with a multitude of words. He is impressed with the purity of the intent of your heart. He wishes to see the inward part of you humbled, quiet, and totally surrendered to Him and to His will, whatever it may be.

There are those people who have begun a practice of collecting their inmost being but turned away from it almost immediately because they did not find any pleasure in it! There was no sense of God, there was no power, there was no sense of being pleased with their own thought, or being impressed with the way they formed their words and sentences to God.

Actually all of these approaches to God are nothing but a hunt for sensible pleasures. This, to God, is but self -love and seeking after self.

It is really not seeking after God at all. But the less you care for the outward thrills of spiritual things…ah, here is something which delights the Lord. Your occupation is not against the resignation to His will, which you presented to Him.

You see, resignation encompasses all the activities of our daily life. Whether it be study, reading, preaching, earning your living, doing business, or the like…you are resigned to whatever it is that comes into your life each day, each hour, each moment.

Oliva encouraged him and forwarded copies of the letters he had recently sent to Molinos.

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The matter was referred to the Inquisition. It is unclear why exactly this change happened, though one factor suggested has been disquiet caused in Rome the flourishing of Quietism outside Rome, and the reaction this was causing among its opponents.

At first his friends were confident of an acquittal, and it seems that many in Rome remained sympathetic to his beliefs, but matters gradually turned against him. Although initially defending them, by May his attitude had changed and he confessed his errors of conduct and teaching and waived his opportunity to present a defence.

By July, the tribunal had isolated 68 objectionable propositions and had prepared articles of censure for each. On 20 November Pope Innocent XI ratified his condemnation in the bull Coelestis Pastor , condemning 68 propositions from the Guida spirituale and other unpublished writings of its author. Molinos died nine years later in the prison of the Holy Office on 29 December Most assessments of him have been accordingly negative.

Miguel de Molinos

Bernard McGinn is not entirely forgiving of Molinos as a person, pointing out that it seems likely that he did, as he was accused, engage in sexual misconduct with some of his penitents during his work as a spiritual director. McGinn, however, is keen to point out how far the errors condemned in the bull Caelestis Pater do not in fact exist in the Spiritual Guide.

His last words to a priest before entering his cell of imprisonment were: "Good-by, Father. We shall meet again on the day of judgement.He also became well known as a spiritual director — and it was in this role that he gained prominence as the leading advocate of the teaching and practice that would come to be known as Quietism.

Instead of publishing the book, Molinos took up his case with the superior general of the Jesuits, Giovanni Paolo Oliva. The way of inward Peace, is in all things to be conform to the pleasure and disposition of the Divine Will.

The Spiritual Guide of Miguel Molinos

There must come a holocaust of your own values and judgments and will. Think not that when thou art dry and darksom in the presence of God, with faith and silence, that thou do'st nothing, that thou losest time, and that thou are idle, because not to wait on God, according to the saying of St.

At first his friends were confident of an acquittal, and it seems that many in Rome remained sympathetic to his beliefs, but matters gradually turned against him. And you wait there before Him, tranquilly. With the Signs whereby it is known, when God will have the Soul to pass from Meditation, to Contemplation.

If a man hath a safe Fortress, he is not disquieted, though his enemies pursue him; because, by retreating within it, these are disappointed and overcome.

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