whether political,social,educational or economic,which the creation of Pakistan has fostered,drew my attention to that major Muslim figure,Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. critical time for the services of Muslims and gave the right direction to them. Sir. Syed Ahmad “Sir Syed Ahmed Khan began his primary education under the. educational services of sir syed ahmed khan. 1. Pak. Studies: Sir Syed Ahmed Khan 28 December at Early Biography Details Sir.

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PDF | On Sep 10, , Umar Hashmi and others published Essay on Sir Syed Ahmed Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was also a great critique, Syed's personality which says to adopt modern education (have a conscience) an annual rental of more than a lac rupees, as a reward of my services, my heart. Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan's Framework for the Educational Uplift of the Indian . their language for all advancement in their services and as intellectual progress. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan turned his attention towards the educational uplift of his . It rendered great services in imparting modern education to the Muslims.

According to V. His Movement was one of general reforms. It was inspired by the thought that the Muslims of India were separate people and nation who must not be absorbed with Hinduism.

O College later Aligarh University. The students of Aligarh College fired by the spirit of Muslim nationalism spread throughout the country and became the torch bearer of Two-Nation Theory.

6a.educational Services of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

Thus, the quest of the Muslims for their national identity took the shape of a movement which resulted in the renaissance of the Muslims in the 19th century.

This movement revolutionized the economic, social, and political status of the Muslims. However, Sir Syed was the chief architect of this movement.

He worked day and night for the revival of Muslim glory. He advocated English education for the regeneration of Muslims in India.

मुख्य खबरें

His emphasis on science particularly offended the orthodox Muslims. He faced opposition from the orthodox sections of Muslims.

However, with courage and wisdom, he overcame these obstacles. The society was located at Aligarh. It published Urdu translations of English books on science and other subjects, and an English-Urdu journal for spreading liberal ideas on social reforms.

He advocated the removal of many social prejudices that kept the community backward.

In course of time, this college became the most important educational institution of Indian Muslims. He laid the foundation of academic pursuits.

Pakistan now has universities with a remarkably increased funding for higher education sector. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, once said poverty results in increased crime rate.

Syed Ahmad Khan | Aligarh Movement: Consequences & Objectives

Sir Syed was a visionary leader who pulled the downtrodden Muslims out of the darkness of ignorance. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan awakened the Muslims and rectified their direction in difficult times by guiding them towards acquiring education. He stressed the need for following Sir Syed Ahmed Khan teachings in order to make Pakistan a prosperous country.

The nation is duty bound to remember its heroes who contributed to the well-being of Muslims.

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Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was a great reformer, educator, jurist and politician of the 19th century, but he may rightly be called the chief architect and inspired the thought process and philosophy that ultimately led to the creation of Pakistan.

He was the unique force that pushed the discouraged Muslims of the post India to empower themselves by acquiring education. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, in his teachings, has stressed significantly upon the training of youth in the light of Islam.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan did preach acquiring modern education, but he never allowed any compromise on commandments of Quran and Sunnah. He established Gulshan School at Muradabad in , Victoria School at Ghazipur in , and a scientific society in He got the opportunity to visit England in During his stay, he studied the British educational system and appreciated it.

On his return home he decided to make M. High School on the pattern of British boarding schools.

Syed Ahmad Khan

The School later became a college in The status of University was given to the college after the death of Sir Syed in Unlike other Muslim leaders of his time, Sir Syed was of the view that Muslims should have friendship with the British if they want to take their due rights.Begum Khatun Jahan, Mrs. This, Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan of the education of both men and women Hay thought, could be fulfilled by introducing the re- The Society held annual conferences, disbursed funds for educational causes and regularly published a journal on scientific subjects in English and Urdu.

It was inspired by the thought that the Muslims of India were separate people and nation who must not be absorbed with Hinduism. Two years later in this school was elevated to the status of a college by Lord Lytton the British Viceroy himself.

In , he organised the All India Muhammadan Educational Conference in Aligarh, which promoted his vision of modern education and political unity for Muslims. College came to be known as Aligarh Movement.

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