Teachers BookFace 2 Face Pre-intermediate Teachers Book PDF.: Cambridge University Press, Face 2 Face is a general English course for adults and. abtresdeorebgolf.tk Uploaded by. manolo Face 2 Face Elementary 2nd Edition-students book. Uploaded by. Daniela. Liz and John Soars New Headway Pre-Intermediate, Fourth edition is a course 5 I want that I pass new english file pre intermediate teachers book 1.

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The Library of Prof. Mahmoud Azab Pre-Intermediate. PDF Student's Book. Face2Face Elementary Teacher's Book Face2face Pre-Intermediate Workbook. The Teacher's Books contain optional photocopiable resources and tests, ensuring that Face2Face Pre-Intermediate Student's book ISBN: Student Book face 2 face pre intermediate. Find all the phrases for agreeing, disagreeing and Face2face pre intermediate student book detailed photos, Click here to take a look ◇◇◇ abtresdeorebgolf.tk Ask your teacher for any new vocabulary. the characters when and where the story.

A I don't like cycling. B Oh, I do. Becky is on a speed dating dlsagfee evening. Listen to her conversations 1 I'm a bit nervous. Oh, I'm not. Who does she I can't speak Turkish. Neither can I. What does Becky have in common with each man? So did I. Listen and check who Becky d Check in P Read and underline all the responses from 3. Neither am I. Write ways to agree and disagree with these sentences. Neither do I.

I went out last night. I hate getting up early. I can speak Russian. I didn't sleep well. Then listen again and disagree with them. I 'm not married. Neither am I'. Start each sentence with one of these phrases. Take turns to say a sentence. Your partner agrees or disagrees. Continue the conversation if possible. What do you have in common? I I love eating out. What's your favourite food? Take turns to ask and answer the questions. Use the phrases in 2a and ask questions about the people your partner knows.

Do you know anyone who works in a school? Look at the infomiation. Then make questions Who works in Leeds? Ask questions about the things from 4a. Find things that you both do.

Do you watch TV? Yes, I do. Who does them more often? How often do you go to concerts? About once a month. I can ask people general questions about their lives. I can answer questions about my day-to-day life. I can talk about work and free time activities. I can ask and answer questions about travel. I can talk about how often I do things. I can agree and disagree with things people say. Take turns to say your sentences.

Agree or disagree with your partner's sentences. Reading and Grammar 0 Work in groups. Discuss these questions. What do they sell? Which ones? What do you usually download? Put these events in order.

His father died when he was only six so his mother needed to find a job. She went to work in a shirt factory and Harland stayed at home to look after his younger brother and sister. That was when he first learned to cook. He left home when he was twelve and worked on a nearby farm. After that he had a lot of different jobs and in he became a service station manager in Corbin, Kentucky. He started cooking meals for hungry travellers who stopped at the service station, and soon people came only for the food.

Harland moved to a seat restaurant across the street where he could serve all his customers. Over the next nine years he developed the secret chicken recipe that made him famous. He travelled , miles every year until he died in , aged There are now KFC restaurants in more than 80 countries and they sell 2.

Find examples of the Past Simple forms of: I How do we make the Past Simple of regular f Verbs? Is there a rule for irregular verbs? How is the Past Simple negative of be different? C Look at the questions in 2b.

I 1 How do we usually make Past Simple questions? I Check in E p Fill in gaps with the Past Simple of the verbs in brackets. Check your answers. Vocabulary Past time phrases a Put these time phrases in order.

Check in p Student A p Student B pl 1 1. Dick and Maurice McDonald 1. At the first McDonald's, customers 5. In a man called Ray Kroc become an agent for McDonald's and start opening restaurants in other states.

Make notes on the meal. Use these ideas. Take turns to talk about your special meals. Ask questions to find out more information. Why not? Work in groups or go around the class. Ask questions with Didyou? Listening and Grammar 0 a Look at the photos. Where are the people? Guess who says each sentence. Choose the correct 0 a Look at this sentence. Then - verb form. Which action was longer? It was him. C m Listen and check. Then do the exercise in m p Put the phrases in 5a in order.

Vocabulary and Grarnrnar Help with Listening. Listen again and notice how we say was and were. Are was and were usually strong or weak in: Make notes about the couple. Listen and answer these questions. When did Liam ask jenny out? What were they doing when Liam asked jenny to marry him? I 5 What was Liam doing when she said Yts? Tell other students about the couple you chose. Ask questions to find out more infonnation.

My parents first met at work. They were working for a b Which story is the most romantic, the most unusual or the funniest?

Ask what your partner was doing at these times yesterday. What kind of books 1, or magazines do you read?

A 2 When is your favourite time for reading? Did you like it? Compare answers.

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Match paragraphs to pictures A—C. Are these sentences true T or false F? Shahrazad asked her mother to help her. Then correct the false sentences.

Compare ideas in groups. H5 Vocabulary connecting words 1 Skills Reading: It is a collection of stories first told by travellers from Persia, Arabia, India and China between the ninth and thirteenth centuries. In later years professional storytellers also told the stories in coffee houses in Turkey, Egypt and many other countries.

The Thousand and One Nights contains well-known stories like Aladdin and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, so people often think they are just for children — but they were originally for adults. This new edition of The Thousand and One Nights is fully illustrated and contains new versions of all the stories, translated from the original texts by Brian Woodhead.

One day King Shahriyar found his wife with another man so he killed her and her lover. After that the King married a different woman every day and killed her the next moming before she could stop loving him.

This continued for three years.

Shahrazad was the clever and beautiful daughter of the King's adviser. When her father told her what was happening, she decided to marry the King.


Shahrazad's father tried to stop her because he knew she was going to die. But Shahrazad had a plan to save herself and all the women in the kingdom. The King and Shahrazad got married a few days later.

These are called weak forms.

Listen again. Notice the sentence stress and weak forms.

Are weak forms ever stressed? We use , ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,, ,, to say what the consequence of a situation is. We use to say something stops happening at this time. Choose a story you both know. Make notes on these things.

Ask your teacher for any new vocabulary. Use past verb forms and connecting words from 6a. Which do you like best? How much can you remember?

face2face Pre-intermediate Teacher's Book with DVD

There was once an Indian king called Shahnyar. One day he 0 a How do you greet: Do you shake hands, bow, kiss, or just say hello? Do the people know each other? How do these people know David and Jane? Match to a —D. Realvvond 0 a Read the questions. Then listen again and tick the ones you hear. D Match the questions in 3a to the reasons we ask them a —d. How do you know David and jane? A Thanks a lot. See you later, maybe. A It was nice meeting you. B You too.

Face2face 2 Pre Intermediate Teachers Book With DVD Frontmatter

See you at school, probably. A Yes, I'm sure we will. A Yes, I hope so. See meeting later was hope keep 1 ll nice to see mu again. It was nice to se'e you again. Write a conversation at a party. Use the phrases in bold from 3a. Correct any mistakes. Write the Past Simple forms of the verbs in 1a. Which are irregular? Then complete the sentences for you. D Work in pairs. Ask follow-up questions. Talk about the relationships. Is your partners story true? He was getting out of a taxi and he didn't see me.

Put the sentences in order. Match your partners endings with in 5a. Are you correct? Progress Portfolio T a Tick the things you can do in English.

I can describe past events and say when they happened. I can talk about relationships. I can understand the main points of a simple story. I can make sentences with when, so, because, etc. I can start and end social conversations. EB G Which pair has the most?

The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children

Then do the exercise if. Compare your ideas. How many are the same? Which verb form follows have to? Look at photos A—C. Listening and Grammar 4 7 b Match sentences to the photos. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of have to.

In the oral tests you 5 , ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,, ,, tell the examiner all the streets you I drive down to get from one place to another — and you ' can't use a map. Others do a lot more. Then I work day and night to pay the money back. My son got his licence last year. Then he got a job in a taxi company, so he not download his own taxi.

Answer these questions.

What do you think is the most surprising thing about a taxi drivers training? Grammar and Listening Help Grammar 0 a Look at the questions in 7a. How do we make questions with have to in the Present Simple and Past Simple?

What did Melissa have to do in the holidays? Listen to Melissa and Nigel and answer the questions. Student A - p Student B - p Tell your partner what these people have to do in their jobs. Which person has the best job, do you think? Vocabulary Looking for a job 0 a Tick the phrases you know. There is more than one possible order.

Are they the same? Use the phrases in 1a to talk about you or the people you know. I went for a job interview last week. My friend johann is unemployed.

Reading and Grammar 0 a Look at the photos. What are the people doing? Are sentences a —f correct? Change the incorrect sentences. The problem is that companies always say they want people with experience, but how can he get experience if no one gives him a job?

I'm 54 years old and I worked for a computer company for 17 years until it closed down four months ago. I've got a lot of experience and I want to work. I just need someone to give me a chance.

George Carter Tipton I I 5: Help with Grammar j a Look at the verb forms in the letters. Which are in the Present Simple and which are in the Present Continuous? There are two verb forms for each meaning.

We use the Present Continuous for things that: We use the Present Simple for: Do we usually use state verbs in the Present Continuous? He's doing some gardening. How did he get it? Guess what? Sllll learn about all the products, but I really like it here. Anyway, I have to go —- the phone 12 , ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,, ,, ring.

Explain why you chose each verb form. Student A instructions. Student B p Discuss these 1 questions. Are you looking for a job at the moment? Find one person who answers yes for each question. Then ask two follow-up questions. Tell the other students six things you know about the class. Ask your partner what these people usually do in their free time and what they're doing at the moment. Listening and Vocabulary a Think of three jobs that you would like to do and three jobs you would hate to do.

Are there any jobs you would all like to do? We'd all like to be writers. Put the pictures in order. Tick the true sentences. Correct the false sentences. Linking 1: We usually link words that end in a consonant sound with words that start with a vowel sound.

Notice the consonant-vowel linking. Listen to the interview again. How do we make the Vocabulary word building: Complete the ending column. Write all the jobs you know with the endings -or, -am, -er, -ist and -ian.

Who has the most? Are these words nouns N or verbs V? Look at the endings. Which three words can be both a noun and a verb? Fill in gaps a —f in the article with questions Did you have any accidents in those ten years? How did you meet your knife-throwing partner?

Did he say sorry? How did you become a knife throwers assistant? Which is worse, being the assistant or the thrower? When was your first show together? Complete the sentences. Are they nouns or verbs?


Student A -: V b Work in pairs. P Follow the instructions. My dad was a knife thrower and my mum was his assistant. This was when I was Dad never hit me or my mum — he was very good. He wanted to be a knife thrower and he needed an assistant. We had to practise for hours every day.

The last part of the act was throwing six knives on fire. The audience really loved that. And we worked out that, in the first ten years of our act, my partner threw , knives at me! He hit me three times — in the leg, in the arm and the top of my head! I got really angry about that and we had a big argument — but after the show, not in front of the audience. But I love the excitement. Il" l. How many nouns can you think of with these endings: Swap lists with another pair.

Write verbs for the nouns, if possible. Work in groups. A ' 3 I have to take a client out to dinner. Real World a Look at the sentences in 2b.

Which are: Another , maybe.

Face2Face is a general English course for adults and young adults who want to learn how to communicate quickly and effectively in todays world. Based on the. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Face2 face intermediatestudents. Face2face pre intermediate student book. Objavte aj alie knihy zo vetkch. ISBN- 10 0 Face2face Pre-Intermediate Teachers Book.

Face2face: intermediate. Teachers book Chris Redston, Gillie earmyu statement of understanding pdf Cunningham. Face2face pre-intermediate class cds set of three,.You already recently rated this item.

Chris Mulyadi. Sopfar in his career he 4. Notice the consonant-vowel linking. Compare sentences. Answer the questions. Face2face: intermediate. I can say what people are doing now and what they usually do. Match to a —D. Student B -3 p

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