In this #1 New York Times bestseller, Nora Roberts takes readers deep into the rugged Black Hills of South Dakota, where the shadows keep secrets. Nora Roberts takes us deep into the rugged Black Hills of South Dakota, where the shadows keep secrets, hunters stalk the land and a childhood friendship. Read Tips to Read Black Hills by Nora Roberts Online from the story Beak by Read Online or Download Black Hills by Nora Roberts in PDF EPub. Hello fellow .

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Black Hills book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A summer at his grandparents' South Dakota ranch is not eleven-year-. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. It's not just a sure-fire formula that's kept the crown Black Hills - site edition by Nora Roberts. Download it once. Black Hills [Nora Roberts] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this #1 New York Times bestseller, Nora Roberts takes readers deep into the.

But something. When mull pranks and acts of destruction escalate into the heartless killing of Lil's beloved cougar, memories of an unsolved murder in these very hills have Coop springing so action to keep Lil safe. Lil and Coop know the natural dangers that lurk in the wild landscape of the Black Hills.

But a killer of twisted and unnatural instincts has singled them out as prey Reviews from Goodreads. FictionDB Reviews: Paperback editions: Hardcover editions: May Jove eBook site. Audio editions: He was of course gorgeous, patient, and determined to protect Lil and to keep her forever.

Lil was very reluctant to let him back in after she was hurt. There is a secondary romance that is really sweet, and I wish the author had spent more time on them. The couple is BWWM. The hot cowboy pursues this few years older woman and romances her to pieces.

I recommend to fans of Nora, and those that like light romantic suspense. View all 12 comments. Me ha gustado bastante el libro: Jun 09, Sierra rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I loved Lil and Coop together. They were adorable together. Farley and Tansy were also adorable together. I may have shed a few tears when Farley had gone outside when they were going to start making plans for a house then Jenna followed him out, and he called her Ma.

Baby was my favorite of all the animals especially since he had followed Lil and he was her favorite also. Lil and Coop's relationship showed that you never get over your first love.

It also showed that there are always obstacles w I loved Lil and Coop together. It also showed that there are always obstacles when it comes to the people you love.

When it comes to the people you love you will do whatever you can to keep them safe. One quote that I liked: So it makes you happy, or miserable?

It makes you sick in the belly or hurt in the heart. It makes everything brighter and sharper, or it blurs all the edges. It makes you feel like a king or a fool. This is probably one of my favorite NR books. It was a re-read that still kept me turning pages. First, I loved the secondary characters and the secondary romance in this one.

Black Hills

It brought a lot of depth to an already good story. What was not to love about Coop's grandparents, Lil's parents and Tansy and Farley? The Chance Animal Reserve was great backdrop, especially Baby the cougar.

Jun 13, Carmaletta Hilton rated it did not like it. The only reason I finished this book was because I wanted to see how the end scene played out. I assumed that the bad guy would kidnap her and I wanted to see what happened there. Honestly, the only good thing I can say about this book was that it was pretty cool the way Baby came to the rescue.

The rest of this book was just not fun for me. I couldn't fully get behind Lil's refuge because while I understand some of the animals there, I don't really agree with taking an animal out of its natural The only reason I finished this book was because I wanted to see how the end scene played out. I couldn't fully get behind Lil's refuge because while I understand some of the animals there, I don't really agree with taking an animal out of its natural habitat because it got old.

The majority of the story felt like the refuge and, after a while, I just didn't care to hear anymore. I liked Lil and Coop a lot more as children than adults, and even as children, Lil's "This place is SO much better than the city even though I've never been to the city" got on my nerves. As adults, I found Coop to be bossy, controlling, and selfish. I found Lil to be annoying in how she kept swearing that Coop broke her heart 11 years ago and she still can't get over it. Basically, this book has left me wondering if I'll ever read another romance novel again.

It seems as though the trend is to have this boorish men who only care about what they want, and their feelings. Coop flat out said that he didn't care what she wanted or thought, he wanted her and she would just have to come around.

The same thing happened with Farley and Tansy. This is excused away by saying that the women had feelings for the men, too, but they had to be convinced that it was okay. It bothered me that these women were basically stalked and I'm supposed to think that this is romantic.

The way Farley told Tansy that they were going to get married really bugged me. As did Coop's decision that the relationship was too hard back then, but now it's easier since he moved back, so now they'll be together.

I find relationships more romantic and appealing when they are equal partners. Coop cared nothing at all about Lil's feelings when they broke up or when he decided they were going to hook back up.

Tansy's fears regarding a relationship with Farley were just blown off as being silly. So, no, I didn't like this book at all. The ending was okay, but overall, I had to force myself to read it and I basically skimmed the last half of the book just to get it finished. View 2 comments. En el caso de Lillian, debo confesar que en algunos momentos no he coincidido con ella, aunque he logrado entenderla.

Apr 10, Janja rated it liked it. This could be easy five stars rating if it wasn't so damn long and quite boring with all the manual of wild life. One Sentence Summary: Can Dr Lillian Chance and ex-cop Cooper Sullivan outwit a crazed serial killer to save Lil's Wildlife Refuge and reignite the passionate flame of first love? Favourite Quote: Being an Aussie who lives half an hour from the beach and has ridden a horse only once in her lifetime; I loved this Nora Roberts novel!

There is just something about the American Wilderness - so different to the Aussie outback or rainforest - that I found so appealing. Combined with the wildlife refuge element and all the talk about big cats and I was sucked in.

I fell in love with the setting and premise of this novel before I fell in love with the characters although that didn't take long either! I wanted to book a plane ticket so I could see the South Dakota night sky for real.

Although I've read a couple of other reviews who haven't favoured the characters of this book, I have to tell you honestly that I really loved the main characters and their chemistry. Cooper's a typical bossy alpha male no complaints here and Lil is an intelligent, likeable female lead who gives just as good as she gets.

Surprisingly, even the jilted childhood sweethearts storyline worked for me and the suspense element really heightens the romantic tension. The suspense element of this novel wasn't nightmare-inducing however it certainly was enough to keep me flipping pages quickly.

I tend to think of Nora Roberts romantic suspense as crime novels for chickens like me. If it weren't for the absolute guarantee that both the hero and the heroine are going to live and have their happily ever after, I don't think my poor nerves could cope with the serial killers and other assorted nasties she writes about.

So if you're a seasoned suspense reader you may not be phased by this part of the plot; if you're like me, you may find yourself biting your nails on more than one occasion. Apart from wanting to read the talked-about wedding, I really can't think of anything I'd like to change about this book.

I loved it from start to finish - it was just what I needed. Fans of Angel's Falls and Nora Roberts's other romantic suspense novels will enjoy this read! For more reviews visit my blog by clicking below: View all 3 comments. Did a library reread but now remember why this wasn't one I was a fan of. Second chance love story between hero and heroine. He was a city kid visiting and she was a tom boy and they became friends that became more then broke up due to hero feeling inadequate due to his upbringing.

He and her are both back at the same time after years away and fall again. It was one that didn't appeal for me. I could never really enjoy the couple truly and the main story and mystery didn't keep me in it either s Did a library reread but now remember why this wasn't one I was a fan of.

I could never really enjoy the couple truly and the main story and mystery didn't keep me in it either so more like two stars really. Jun 16, Heather Blair rated it really liked it. I'd a little less patience for Cooper this time around and his heavy handed ways.

But, it's still a kick-ass book, set in one of my favorite places in the world with an awesome heroine written by one of the coolest and most talented authors to ever put pen to page. Dec 12, Thenia rated it liked it Shelves: A story of childhood friends turned sweethearts, who get a second chance at love after re-entering each other's lives years after they broke up.

Lil is a confident, driven woman, who has fulfilled her dream of opening the Chance Wildlife Refuge she dreamed of as a girl after seeing a cougar up close the day she first met Coop. Coop is the opposite of Lil, unhappy with his home life growing up and directionless, view spoiler [which is his reason for breaking up with her in the first place, not wan A story of childhood friends turned sweethearts, who get a second chance at love after re-entering each other's lives years after they broke up.

Coop is the opposite of Lil, unhappy with his home life growing up and directionless, view spoiler [which is his reason for breaking up with her in the first place, not wanting to keep her back from achieving her dreams hide spoiler ]. He has found his footing and himself and has now returned to take care of his grandparents' farm, and hopefully make things right with Lil again.

Lil is more than a little reluctant to let him back into her life given how much he hurt her, but when she's targeted by a psychopath who seems to want to torture and then kill her, Coop is determined to stick by her side and keep her safe. The two spend time together, and despite Lil's reservations, fall back in love.

It takes a while but, view spoiler [the psycho hunting her who believed that she was a traitor to their "people", their Indian ancestors, wanted to hunt her like they did and kill her as a tribute to them.

She managed to use her considerable skills to evade him and lead him to where Coop could get to them before it was too late hide spoiler ]. Engaging story that showed the journey of the main couple from their first meeting until their happy ending. Mar 19, Katherine rated it it was ok Shelves: Review coming soon!!!

Un relato fresco, dinamico y romantico. Muy entretenida, de las que no puedes parar hasta acabarla. Feb 20, Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm rated it really liked it.

The story is set in a wildlife refuge in the Black Hills of South Dakota, hence the title. Soon they became close with each other and remain friends until their adolescent years. One day, when Cooper decided to go back to the ranch after something terrible happened while he was on duty as a cop.

His feelings towards Lil changed. But a psychopathic killer was on the loose and had been stalking Lil.

She and Cooper teamed up to discover the truth behind the mystery surrounding Black Hills. As expected, Nora Roberts writes with passion and her characters really pull you into the story.

Cooper and Lilian found themselves embroiled in a romance that needed to be nurtured.

The mystery part of the story is awesome, although the main characters were a little complicated, in my opinion. I would have given this a 5star rating, but something held me back — maybe because I see some Montana Sky anecdotes in the story, specifically on the animal protection part.

Nevertheless, Nora Roberts still is one of my favorite authors ever! Sep 02, Sheila rated it it was ok. Let me say up front that I had especially high standards for this book. I'm from the Black Hills: I was born in Deadwood, graduated high school in Rapid City, and went to grad school in Spearfish, the three towns she names in the book. I also have a decent amount of knowledge about the Lakota history and relationship with the Hills.

There were little mistakes a "beef farmer Let me say up front that I had especially high standards for this book. But the thing that really bothers me is this: She attempted to balance that with some exposition from other characters about why he was wrong, but see above about clunky exposition.

It really didn't work for me.

Hardback Editions

I'm super extra sensitive about this, and it made me nuts. Also, there were three Native American characters in the entire book, and not a one of them had both Lakota parents. Not one. The plot itself was okay but not great; the two romance storylines were all about the guys pursuing women who told them no, which I'm also not fond of. And did I mention? Whether contemporary romance, paranormal romance, or romantic suspense I've always counted on Roberts for a sweeping romantic read that satisfies as it entertains, and for years she's delivered.

Some books, of course, I've liked more than others. Some series or trilogies have hit closer to home than others. Some characters I've liked more than others. That's to be expected, I suppose, when you favor an author that produces such a wide range and so many opportunities to read.

And saying that, I can honestly admit I enjoyed Black Hills.

Nora Roberts

It wasn't my favorite effort, but I did enjoy it. The story of Lil and Cooper, two people who have loved each other their whole lives, who knew the love of best friends as children, the world-ending romance of young love, and the sometimes too realistic love of adults, was definitely comprehensive and at turns sweet, romantic, and sensual.

Their characters were palatable enough, though I always felt that Lil had a bit more life in her than Coop did, and I very much enjoyed her profession and her passion for it. The surrounding threat of a serial killer loose in the Black Hills of South Dakota was reasonably represented and blended well with the romantic narrative, as do most of Roberts' efforts in this sub-genre.

And yet Without a doubt, Nora Roberts has written some of the best romantic suspense out there. Montana Sky was a personal favorite of mine, as was River's End and Carolina Moon , and those are just off the top of my head.

In those books, and others that I have read of Roberts, the characters and the tension in the story combined with the romance to bring me into the book with almost lyrical effortlessness, until I cared beyond reason for the lives of the characters and their love and safety. I can't say that Black Hills evoked that same sort of passion in me, and that's a true shame. Like I said, I liked the characters - Roberts is excellent at filling her book with both lead characters and secondary and ancillary characters that could be neighbors, relatives, friends, they're so often recognizable.

So comfortable. But for some reason, Black Hills didn't connect me to them as other books of hers have done, so I never quite reached that reading nirvana of feeling like I'd stepped into the book and had it surround me, capture me, and force me into experiencing it on a visceral level. And I can't say I'm sure why it didn't happen here.

Maybe it was the writing style. The flow of the narrative struck me as odd through most of the book Several important scenes in Black Hills , scenes that would have given a reader a much more personal experience with these characters, were sort of glossed over or mentioned in a past tense Or the scene in New York that closed the door on Cooper's career on the police force. Or Lil's breakup with Jean-Paul. The way this story unfolded, with significant scenes happening outside of the reader's awareness and having them told instead of experienced, I think, hindered the intimacy between character and reader and kept that relationship at a far more superficial level than I'm used to in Nora Roberts 's books.

At least I think that's part of the reason. I also never quite got any sense that I was able to feel what Lil and Cooper were feeling for each other, and Cooper in particular was a far more stoic character than I prefer. The words for his love for Lil were their He seemed rather joyless, even proclaiming his love. Dedicated, yes. Unwavering, yes. Determined, yes. Happy about it?

Not really.

That didn't connect well with me. In that regard, the simple joy between Tansy and Farley in their relationship was more appealing to me as a reader. I liked the story. I'm still a fan of Roberts. And I'm not one of the many critics who think she's jumped the shark as an author and is now just regurgitating romances and scenes and dialogue with each "new" book.

There were parts of this story and characters in it that I felt worked very well. But I've seen her do better. And I was hoping that Black Hills was one of the better ones. It just Not quite. I thought this book was great. Predominately a romance novel, Lil and Cooper are introduced as children, and fall in love as young adults.

Driven away from each other, they lead separate lives until a serial killer brings them back together. The romance between them is lovely, and there are great moments of suspense and mystery, but I guess like any good Nora Roberts book, it's all about the love..

A few things made this a 4 and not 5 star book for me. It was just a little too drawn out. Most of th I thought this book was great. Most of the book was just waiting for them to get together, which you and they knew was going to happen. I know that's what romance books do But the tension kinda floated away when they acknowledged their feelings towards each other. Then nothing happens. It was very anticlimactic in that way, a lot of it was unnecessary. I did like the history of the relationship though, from hanging out together as children, to young adults, to finally seeing each other again 12 years after they separated.

We find out quite early in the book who the killer is, and I think it took away the majority of the suspense. For me I love a good suspense book with a surprise twist. Something that keeps you guessing. Who could it be? Is it this person?

Black Hills

Was it that person? There was none of this after the first half of the book, and after you find out who it is, you feel totally underwhelmed. However I felt this was saved by the ending suspense scenes, where it became quite enjoyable again.

I loved the wildlife reserve setting, loved the big cats. I thought this was an awesome aspect of the book. The secondary love story I found a bit bland, but I love that Nora loves the love!! It just took up a chunk of space that I felt could have been completely cut out, and saved me precious reading time.

However, even though these criticisms may seems quite large, as I was reading it I didn't think so at all. I really enjoyed this book overall. Jul 29, Books. Mania rated it it was ok. Will they hook up again?! Yes they do.Open Preview See a Problem? Jul 02, Becky Lower rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Overall, though, this was a solid book from Roberts. Update June Someone is messing with her Refuge, pulling "pranks" and then killing a cougar.

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