A picture is worth words. And a comic book is worth even more! Here's how to learn English through comics with 15 exciting titles. Superhero comic books are easy to read and great for improving your English. Follow the adventures of these 4 exciting heroes to learn new words and sounds!. This reading and writing activity looks at how linking words are used in a text. Read the article about comic books and choose a word to complete the sentence.

English Comics Book

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Obviously, the very best way to learn informal English speech is to hear it and—if One great comic book series to do this with is Bone. Comic books are books with comics, with pictures that make a story. Comics were started in the s. Some famous examples are Spider-Man and Batman. Comics English: Having Fun Learning English with Comic Strips.

Pow! 4 Amazing Comic Book Superheroes to Teach You English

This is different from Japanese comics, called manga. Some famous comics are:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This short article about literature can be made longer. You can help Wikipedia by adding to it. Retrieved from " https: Comic books Magazines. Hidden category: Literature stubs. Namespaces Page Talk.

Comic book

Views Read Change Change source View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last changed on 4 April , at FluentU provides real-world English videos —like movie trailers, music videos, inspiring talks and more, as you can see here:. FluentU makes it really easy to understand the videos. Each video comes with interactive captions. You can click any word for an instant definition, pronunciation and memorable picture.

And FluentU is not just for watching videos. Learn all the vocabulary in any video with useful questions. The best part is that FluentU remembers what vocabulary you learned.

Using those words, FluentU recommends you examples and videos. You have a truly personalized experience. For a very long time, comic books were thought of as the opposite of educational.

Learn Spoken English with Comics

But now, more and more educators are realizing the power of comic books for learning. This book is specifically made for beginner readers in English. It includes more than 12 short stories. The topics include American presidents, science, history and even fiction. The stories are short and very easy to read. This is a perfect introduction to comic books for beginners. As the stories are made for American classrooms, learners can also get to know the basics of American history and society.

Instead, she draws them on a notebook as monsters. One day, she discovers that all those monsters have escaped from her notebook into the real world and she has to capture them all back.

How to Learn English with Comic Books

During her adventures, she deals with all of her problems with the help of another monster called Happster. This is a good and short book to learn basic English vocabulary about emotions and feelings. The book is also great for learning the names of the objects found in schools and homes. This book series is more heavy on text as compared to the other comic series. So readers who would prefer more reading practice would like this one.

The story is about a kid named Greg Heffley who gets bullied a lot in school.

It also features his best friend Rowley, who always stands by him. The series is about various problems Greg has to overcome. The nature of the problems is deeply connected to the society Greg lives in.

For instance, many times the problem revolves around lack of money. At other times he has to argue with his own family, like when he has to convince his father not to send him to a military academy. The book series is quite useful for anyone who wants to learn about the culture of the English-speaking world. The books also tell you a lot about the important events for a teenage kid in the U. This series is a little more strange than the other ones.

The cousins get lost when exploring a forest. They go through an epic adventure together where they have to overcome many challenges and fight dangers. A locust is an insect that eats plants and is known to finish the food of a whole village in a few minutes.

This comic book is unique, funny and has many elements of the fantasy genre.

Learners will find it really easy to read. The setting of Boneville is a modern world that has the same technology and social system as the present-day U. By contrast, the Valley is more medieval, with old technology and systems still in place. This grants readers an opportunity to know more about both the past and the present of the English-speaking world.

This comic started in the late s but it continues to be relevant to readers even today. The comic tells the story of a young kid named Calvin who always plays with his imaginary friend Hobbes. The series is great for learning about the vocabulary used during play and also about the everyday culture in the U.


This comic series is often seen as a symbol of American culture. Archie and his friends are often the first characters who introduce non-Americans to the wonders of the U. The series is set in a small town called Riverdale. Archie is the teenage protagonist of the series, but his high school friends are equally important for the stories.

Betty and Veronica are his two closest friends who also want to date him. The main plot of the series revolves around their love triangle. A love triangle is when one person is liked by two people simultaneously and that leads to fights and conflicts.

There are other memorable characters too, like Jughead, who always loves to eat. The series even has a pop music band called Josie and the Pussycats.

This comic is a great way to get an overview of what Americans like the most. It explains the social structure of a high school very well. The orange cat called Garfield is known by almost all Americans. This comic series holds a Guinness World Record for the most syndicated comic strip in the world. To syndicate something means to distribute the same content to various publications like newspapers , magazines and so on. The story is about the everyday life of a lazy cat named Garfield, its owner Jon and a dog called Odie.

The comics are very casual , often talking about the eating habits of Garfield and his hatred for Mondays and diets.

Jon is often shown as a person who has extremely poor social skills. In the beginning of the series most of the jokes were about his inability to get dates. In fact, in one story he gets rejected by a girl, her mother and even her grandmother.

Liz Wilson. As noted above, it can also be a helpful guide to learning informal English for conversations. The internet has allowed many artists and writers to share their work directly with their audiences.

The author behind Shen Comix is one such example. The topics of the comics can be varied.

Sometimes Shen the author creates motivational comics that talk about facing difficulties in life. At other times he answers questions asked by his readers. He also talks about his own life a lot. Shen Comix is like a blog written in pictures. You can have conversations with the fans and also talk to the creator directly.

To participate in the fan community, read Shen Comix on the Webtoons platform. This comic is arguably the longest story ever told by a single person. The comic strip ran from the year to and has readers from all around the world. The story centers on Charlie Brown and his group of friends. There are no adult characters in the comic.Cartoonists often try to capture the sound and feel of informal English speech in their work. Email will not be published required.

Lately, people around the world have been attracted to this idea a lot.

Québec-California is now an iBook!

Then you read the row below it left to right. These involved stories being told through a graphical medium of panels that were usually chronological in sequence, with characters speaking through the usage of speech bubbles. This Batman comic book page, for instance, combines all of these features:.

Share This can help to break stories into smaller parts.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Famous comics from the Batman series are:.

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