Fiat Stilo User Manual - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Fiat Stilo Car User Manual. Dear Customer,. Thank you for selecting Fiat and congratulations on your choice of a Fiat Stilo. We have written this handbook to help you get to know all your. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Fiat Stilo.

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GMT Fiat Stilo Abarth Owners Manual Pdf - FIAT STILO. SOUND SYSTEM MANUAL Pdf Download. Fiat Stilo. 0 x Fiat Stilo Workshop & Owners Manual PDF's - Manual Fiat Stilo Ix Pdf Enligne Free Download Books Manual Fiat Stilo. Fiat Stilo Radio User Manual - [Free] Fiat Stilo Radio User Manual [PDF] [EPUB] View and. Download Fiat Panda owner's manual online.

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These devices. Operations which lead to knocks. After a collision that has triggered it. A small amount of smoke may be produced. The seat belt locks to indicate that the device has intervened. Contact a Fiat Dealership for any assistance. The upper part should pass over the shoulder and cross the chest diagonally.

The lower part should adhere to the pelvis as shown in fig. Do not use any objects pegs. Of course they must position the lower part of the belt very low down so that it passes under the abdomen as illustrated in fig.

Do not fasten other objects to the body. Make sure that the seat belts of the front and rear passengers are fastened at all times! You increase the risk of serious injury or death in a collision if you travel with the belts unfastened. Seat belts are also to be worn by expectant mothers: Always fasten the seat belts before starting. Never use strong detergents. Always contact a Fiat Dealership.

Always replace the seat belts if pretensioners have been activated. Any operation should be carried out by qualified and authorised personnel. In fact. In any case. Compared with adults. All restraint devices must bear the certification data. Lineaccessori Fiat offers seats for each weight group. This Standard enforces the use of restraint systems classified in five groups: You are advised to carry children always on the rear seat.

This is even more important for children. Over 1. Carefully follow the instructions for installation provided with the seat. Due to their size. Attain to the instructions for fastening which must be enclosed with the specific child restraining system you are using.

Starting from 9 kg to 18 kg in weight. The only function of the seat is to position the child correctly in relation to the belts. Children taller than 1. Below is a summary of the rules of safety to be followed for carrying children: These instructions must be provided by the manufacturer. Keep the child restraint system installation instructions with the car documents and this Handbook.

Never use a child restraint system without installation instructions. No-one, however strong they are, can hold a child in the event of a crash. You are advised to carry children always on the rear seat, as this is the most protected position in the case of a crash. It is possible to mount both the traditional restraint system and the Isofix type one, one on the left and the other on the right, for example.

Since sizes are different, on the rear seats it is possible to install max.

The Isofix child restraint system is properly anchored to the mounting brackets when clicks are heard. In any case, keep to the installation instructions that must be provided by the child restraint system Manufacturer.

Remember that in case of Isofix type seats, you can only use those seats designed, tested and approved for this car. Due to its different anchoring system, the Isofix type child restraint system shall be anchored to the proper metal rings set between rear seat back and cushion Afig. This car is preset for mounting the Isofix type child restraint system, a new European standardised system for carrying children safely. Isofix child restraint system is an additional option that does not prevent from using traditional child restraint systems.

Isofix type child restraint system covers three groups: For proper mounting proceed as follows: As the child grows, passing to weight group 1 kg refit it facing forwards following the instructions provided with the child restraint system. In case of rear sliding seat, move the front seat forward to a position from half its stroke forth. Group 1 For proper mounting proceed as follows: With this configuration, the child is secured also by the car seat belts and by the upper belts. The child restraint system is properly anchored to the mounting brackets when clicks are heard.

Due to its different anchoring system. The upper belt D-fig. Kiddy Isofix seat available at Lineaccessori Fiat. In case of front crash. Under this circumstance the protection offered by the air bag is reduced. Immediately after. Do not put objects on the dashboard on passenger side e.

Front air bag may not be activated in the following situations: The cushion immediately inflates. In case of crash. The front air bag driver and passenger is not a replacement of but complementary to the use of belts. Even if not compulsory by law. In the case of need. It consists of an instant-inflating cushion contained into a special recess in the dashboard. At their maximum inflation. When the door is open. You can reach the switch only if the door is opened.

Should it be absolutely necessary to carry a child on the front seat. The front passenger classification sensor is not studied for the recognition of the children restraints and for the consequent automatic deactivation of the passenger air bag. WARNING The front passenger classification sensor could not detect or correctly classify the occupant presence because of the interposition of cushions or sanitary aids cushions.

If the passenger seat is free. WARNING Never place cutting or sharp objects on the front passenger seat to prevent damaging the front passenger classification sensor. If you carry a children restraint on the front passenger seat. Contact a Fiat Dealership in case of sensor damages. Therefore the front and rear side bags where provided are not a replacement of but complementary to the belts. These dusts are harmless and is not the beginning of a fire. If the car changes ownership.

Every control. As this date approaches. In case of contact. For deactivation: Certain versions are fitted with rear side bags that can be deactivated to protect the chest of rear passengers. The switch can be reached only with tailgate open. In presence of small size occupants children. Contact Fiat Dealership immediately to have the system checked. On the other hand. Do not drive with the body bent forwards.

For impacts between these two thresholds. The engine consumes oxygen and produces carbon monoxide which is a highly toxic and lethal gas. This characteristic feature of the hydraulic tappet system does not compromise functionality or reliability.

If you are still unable to start the engine.: When the engine is switched off never leave the ignition key at MAR to prevent pointless current absorption from draining the battery.

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The engine may be noisier than usual during the first seconds of operation. We recommend that during the initial period you do not drive to full car performance e. This timing system for petrol engines was adopted to limit servicing.

If the engine does not start at the first attempt.

The hotter the engine is. The warning lights m and Y on the instrument panel will turn on. If you wait too long you will lose the benefit of the work done by the glow plugs. Release the key as soon as the engine starts. You can use the car as usual if the engine starts but you should contact a Fiat Dealership as soon as possible.

The warning light m will flash for 60 seconds at startup or during prolonged cranking to signal a fault in the glow plug heating system. If you still cannot start the engine. Wait until the coolant temperature gauge starts moving. Do not accelerate abruptly.

Never bump start the engine by pushing. A quick burst on the accelerator before turning off the engine serves absolutely no practical purpose. Always remove the key when you leave the car. In cars fitted with front armrest. Four or five clicks are generally enough when the car is on level ground while nine or ten may be required if the car is on a steep slope or laden.


Press the brake pedal when carrying out this operation to prevent the car from moving accidentally. Block the wheels with a wedge or a stone if the car is parked on a steep slope. Do not leave the ignition key at MAR to prevent draining the battery.

Always remove the ignition key when leaving the car and take it out with you. To release the handbrake: Warning light x will turn off. A similar action is required to shift down from 6th to 5th. With the engine running. For versions 1. It is therefore essential that there is nothing under the pedals: Do not drive with your hand resting on the gear lever as the force exerted.

To engage reverse R from neutral. This device includes a conventional mechanical gearbox to which an electronically-operated electro-hydraulic device has been added which controls automatically the clutch and gear engagement.

The requests to change gear may take place through: On versions fitted with Cruise Control. To be able to use the Selespeed correctly. The gearbox can work in two operating modes: The reverse gear engagement R is accepted only if the car is stationary. It is not necessary to release the accelerator pedal when shifting gears. When downshifting.

Releasing the accelerator pedal quickly. AUTO is displayed followed by the indication of the gear selected. In the AUTO operating mode. The indication on the display of the gear selected. With the accelerator pedal pressed and gradual engine speed increase. This is not to be considered as a fault as it is part of the operating logic. For the same reason. Moving off of the car is obtained releasing the brake pedal and gradually pressing the accelerator pedal.

If the fault persists. If the system is in neutral N or in reverse R moving the lever forwards causes the engagement of first gear 1. When travelling downhill with a gear engaged and the accelerator released if the car is moving. To request gearshifting proceed as follows fig. If the car is moving. Wait for the car to stop and then request gear engagement again. A manoeuvre prolonged over 10 seconds will cause the system to switch automatically to AUTO. F0Cm Through steering wheel controls They are placed on the steering wheel spokes fig.

If during operation in the automatic mode AUTO a request to change gear is made. To allow setting to neutral N. The gear selected before switching off the engine remains engaged. If the engine is stopped with the gearbox in neutral N. After starting. In the case of a fault.

If not. ONLY release the pedal when the display on the instrument panel has gone out. In this case check that the warning light Y goes off turning the engine off and on again with the car stationary. In addition to the fact that the Selespeed system would not work properly up to stopping the car.

To stop the car. If the gearbox is in neutral N and wanting to engage a parking gear. Still for safety reasons. To park the car safely it is absolutely necessary to engage first gear 1 or reverse R and also the handbrake if the car is on a slope. When turning off the engine with the car on an uphill slope and a gear engaged. Stopping the car the system automatically engages the first gear 1.

Tyres Check the pressure of the tyres routinely at an interval of no more than 4 weeks: Use electric devices only for the amount of time needed. When the temperature outside the car permits it. The weight of the car especially when driving in town and its trim greatly affects consumption and stability. When needing to carry particularly voluminous objects.

These accessories lower air penetration and adversely affect consumption levels. Spoilers The use of non-certified aerodynamic items may adversely affect air drag and consumption levels. Rear heated window. Unnecessary loads Do not travel with too much luggage stowed in the boot.

This and also double declutching is absolutely pointless on modern cars and also increase consumption and pollution.

Fiat Stilo Service and Repair Manuals.

It is therefore advisable to move off immediately. Using a low gear to obtain brilliant performance increases consumption. Traffic situations and road conditions Rather high consumption levels are tied to situations with heavy traffic. Gear selection As soon as the conditions of the traffic and road allow. Unnecessary actions Avoid accelerating when waiting at traffic lights or before switching off the engine. Avoid superfluous braking and accelerating. Acceleration Accelerating violently increasing the revs will greatly affect consumption and emissions: This way the engine will warm faster.

Traffic hold-ups During prolonged hold-ups traffic lights. Top speed Fuel consumption considerably increases with speed. In the same way improper use of a high gear increases consumption. Also winding mountain roads and rough road surfaces adversely affect consumption. Engage a low gear when driving downhill. Installation should be carried out by specialised personnel who release a special document for circulation on the road.

Do not exceed the speed limits of the country you are driving in. To make sure the maximum towable weight is not exceeded given in the log book account should be taken of the fully laden trailer. Drive with extreme care on slippery roadbeds. The trailer braking system must be fully independent of the car hydraulic system.

Remember that when towing a trailer.

For any version the towing device used must match the towable weight of the car on which it is to be installed. Assembly diagram fig. The hook should be fastened to the body avoiding any type of drilling and trimming of the rear bumpers that remains visible when the hook is removed. F0Cm F0Cm fig. The Road Traffic Code speed limits must however be always strictly observed. All four tyres should be the same brand and track to ensure greater safety when driving and braking and better driveability.

It is therefore necessary to limit their use to the purposes for which they are certified. The winter features of these tyres are reduced considerably when the tread depth is below 4 mm.

Due to the snow tyre features. Keep your speed down when snow chains are fitted. Avoid potholes. This check is to be repeated every three months when the car is left inactive. Do not use sheets of non-perforated plastic as they do not allow moisture on the car body to evaporate. Recharge if the optical indicator shows a dark colour without the central green area.

The instrument panel warning light will stay on until eliminating the fault. Low brake fluid level The warning light turns on when the level of the brake fluid in the reservoir falls below the minimum level.

Handbrake on The warning light turns on when the handbrake is on. The warning cycle of both failure classes can be stopped by pressing button MODE. In case of failure indication always refer to the specifications contained in this section. The display will show the dedicated message. With passenger front air bag active. This is indicated by intermittent flashing. It shall then go off. The system can be reactivated through the set-up menu.

With rear side bags on. Seat Belt Reminder buzzer can only be excluded by Fiat Dealership. If the warning light stays on glowing steadily or flashing.

The warning light will turn on flashing together with the buzzer when. After the first indication. If the warning light v turns on when the car is travelling together with the message on the display.

If warning light v flashes. Turning the ignition key to MAR the warning light turns on. If the warning light comes on when driving. Check proper coolant level as described previously. Otherwise wait for few seconds to allow engine cooling.

Check visually any leak and if when restarting the warning light comes on again. The warning light turns on when the engine is overheated. Wait for 2 or 3 minutes leaving the engine on and slightly accelerated to further activate the circulation of the coolant fluid.

The warning light turns on in the following circumstances. To enable the cleaning procedure. The display will show the dedicated message excluding in the event of engine oil pressure sensor failure. The warning light turns on when a fault is detected to one of the following sensors where provided: Sensor failure The display will show the dedicated message.

Contact Fiat Dealership as soon as possible to have the fault removed. If the warning light stays on or turns on when travelling: In these conditions it is possible to continue driving without however requiring heavy effort or high speed from the engine. The warning light turns off if the fault disappears. If the light flashes. Warning light U operation can be checked by traffic agents by proper equipments. Contact Fiat Dealership as soon as possible.

Prolonged use of the car with the warning light on may cause damages. The initial turning on indicates that the warning light is working properly. Start the engine immediately after warning light turning off. Turning the ignition key to MAR the warning light turns on and it will go off when glow plugs reach the preset temperature. Glow plug warming The warning light flashes when there is a failure in the glow plug warming system. Warning light flashing when driving indicates that the ESP system is active.

The warning light turns on when the system is inefficient or unavailable. In this case the braking system keeps its effectiveness unchanged. The presence of water in the fuel circuit may cause serious damage to the entire injection system and cause irregular engine operation. The warning light turns on when there is water in the diesel fuel filter.

If the warning light c turns on together with the message on the display. Caution is advisable and it is necessary to contact Fiat Dealership. If the above indications come on immediately after refuelling. Drive with the utmost care to the nearest Fiat Dealership to have the system checked. The failure referring to these lights could be: The turning on of the warning light indicates an attempt of break-in. The turning on of the warning light glowing steadily. If with the engine running the warning light Y flashes together with the message on the display.

Break-in attempt is failing: Contact Fiat Dealership to have all the keys memorised. Pressing again the ASR button will turn off the button led and the display will show the dedicated message to warn the driver that the system is active again.

The warning light turns on when turning the Cruise Control knurled ring to ON. The display will show the dedicated message to warn the driver that the system is off. Proceed as follows fig. Under no circumstances should a battery charger be used to start the engine: If the other battery is fitted in another car.

If after a few attempts the engine does not start. You are also advised not to put naked flames or lighted cigarettes near the battery and not to cause sparks. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not cover this label. The sticker gives the following information in four languages: For temporary use only! Replace by normal wheel as soon as possible. Passengers should stay away from oncoming traffic while the wheel is being changed.

Two or more space-saver spare wheels should never be used together. If parked on a slope or rough surface. Do not grease the threads of bolts before installing them: Never attempt to fit a conventional tyre on a rim designed for use as a space-saver spare wheel. Have the punctured wheel repaired and refitted as soon as possible. Never fit a wheel cap on a space-saver spare wheel. The life of the spare wheel is approx.

Avoid accelerating or braking sharply. The spacesaver spare wheel shall only be used in an emergency. The sticker should never be removed or covered. Any passengers on board should leave the car. The spare wheel has an orange sticker that summarises the main cautions for use and limitations.

It must not be used for other purposes such as for instance raising cars of other models. Never tamper with the inflation valve. The ground should be flat and adequately firm. Do not use the jack for higher capacities than stated on its label. Snow chains cannot be fitted to the space-saver spare wheel. Never place tools between the rim and tyre. Incorrect positioning of the jack may cause the jacked car to fall. Check and restore. In no case should it be used for repairs under the car.

Please note: This way with two normal drive wheels. They must stay clear and not touch the car until it is back on the ground. Following the procedure described previously.

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This is facilitated by the extension provided B. Do not use the quick tyre repair kit if damaging is due to running with flat tyre. In case of contact rinse immediately with water and take off contaminated clothes. Do not remove foreign bodies screws or nails from the tyre. Do not throw away the cylinder and the sealing fluid. If swallowed. This product must not be used by asthmatics. The sealing fluid has limited life. It is harmful if ingested or inhaled and irritant for the eyes and in case of contact.

Loosen tyre inflation valve cap. Have the sealing fluid and the cylinder disposed of in compliance with national and local regulations. Risk of overheating!. Call the doctor immediately in case of allergic reactions. Keep away from children. The cylinder contains latex: Replace the cylinder if sealer has run out. Do not inhale vapours. Keep the cylinder in the space provided for the purpose and far from heat. Tyres repaired with the quick tyre repair kit shall be used temporarily only.

Avoid heavy braking and accelerating. Drive carefully especially when cornering. Check tyre pressure on gauge F-fig. To replace the cylinder proceed as follows: Hand the instruction brochure to the personnel charged with treating the tyre repaired with the kit. Disconnect the quick connection and connect it directly to the tyre valve fig. For the location of fuses. The presence of drops inside the headlights means water infiltration.

If the transparent bulb is touched with the fingers. It will disappear as soon the headlights are turned on. If touched accidentally. A All glass bulbs: D-E Halogen bulbs: C Tubular bulbs: B Bayonet type bulbs: F Gas-discharge bulbs Xenon. Pull to remove. The bulbs are arranged inside the light unit as follows: To change the bulbs of main beams and sidelights. To change the bulb. Side fig. Multi Wagon versions fig.

To replace bulb C-fig. Versions with Skywindow sunroof To change the bulbs. To replace the bulbs proceed as follows: F0Cm Versions with Skywindow sunroof Versions with Skywindow sunroof are fitted with two rear ceiling lights. To replace bulb C. Before replacing a fuse.

To replace a fuse. Certain versions are also fitted with a single fuse set inside the engine compartment fuse box. To gain access to the fuses in the fuse box on the dashboard. To gain access to the fuse box and to the single fuse next to the battery.

Multi Wagon versions To gain access to the fuses in the fuse box on the left side of the boot. Set of switches for light control and menu access-setting. Front ceiling light. Bluetooth system control unit. Volumetric and antiraising sensor deactivation buttons. Ideograph lighting. Parking sensors. Sunroof controls key-operated positive F49 7. Central console control panel. Charging for a longer time may damage the battery. The battery should be charged in a well ventilated place. This operation should be carried out by Fiat Dealership.

If freezing has occurred. Charge the battery as follows: Avoid contact with the skin or eyes. Jack up the car only by positioning the jack arms or the shop jack in the points shown in fig. The tow ring provided with the car is housed in the tool box under the boot mat. Do not remove the key.

If the key is removed. During towing operations make sure that fastening the joint to the car does not damage the components in contact with it. Contact a Fiat Dealership. When towing the car. Do not use flexible cables for towing and avoid jerks. Scheduled Servicing is performed by all Fiat Dealership. This is why Fiat has programmed a series of checks and maintenance operations every If during each operation.

The failure to have them carried out may invalidate the warranty. If your car is used frequently for towing. Check and adjust handbrake lever stroke. Check cleanness of locks. Every 3. Every 1. You are recommended to use FL Selenia products. Should prevailing use of the car be in the city. Engine oil shall be changed at a Fiat Dealership that will also turn off the warning light on the instrument panel. Engine oil petrol and Multijet versions without DPF Should prevailing use of the car be under one of the following specially heavy conditions: If in doubt as to how often the engine oil and air cleaner should be changed according to how you use the car.

Oil topping up. Engine oil Multijet versions with DPF Engine oil and oil filter shall be changed when the relevant warning light. Diesel filter This check should be carried out more frequently if the car is used mainly for short trips.

Pollen filter Car maintenance should be entrusted to Fiat Dealership. For routine and minor maintenance operations you wish to carry out yourself. Oil level shall never exceed the MAX mark.

Related Wiring Diagrams

Remove the dipstick A and clean it. Check the oil level a few minutes about 5 after the engine has stopped. When the car is new. Contact Fiat Dealership to have the oil and filter changed. Used engine oil and filter contain harmful substances for the environment. Remember that when the engine is hot. Used gearbox oil contains dangerous substances for the environment.

To check the level. For changing the oil we advise contacting Fiat Dealership. Should other fluids be added. Do not add fluid having different specifications from that already existing. If necessary. The cooling system is pressurised. If the level is low. Use the dipstick to check the fluid level inside the reservoir.

Check level through the reservoir. The engine compartment contains hot components which may set it on fire. For versions fitted with headlight washer. To top up. The windscreen washer is fundamental for improving visibility.

In the event of accidental contact. If fluid has to be added. Call the doctor immediately if the fluid is swallowed. Using mineral fluids irreversibly damages the special braking system rubber seals. Prevent brake fluid. Should it happen. Do not bring naked flames or possible sources of sparks near the battery: Refer to the table below or to the label B on the battery. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Bright white colour Top up electrolyte Contact Fiat Dealership Dark colour without green area in the centre Low charge level Charge the battery advisable to contact Fiat Dealership Dark colour with green area in the centre Electrolyte level and charge sufficient No action.

If after downloading the car. The car is however provided with an automatic system for switching off internal lights. Incorrect fitting of electrical and electronic accessories can seriously damage the car. To avoid draining your battery and lengthen its life. You are advised to have the battery changed at a Fiat Dealership.

Batteries contain substances that are very harmful for the environment. If the car is inactive for a long period of time. The total intake of these systems factory and after-market must be less than 0. Driving for long stretches over bumpy roads can damage the tyres. Also remember to check the space-saver spare wheel. Tyres must be replaced when the tread wears down to 1.

Be careful not to hit the kerb. If any of these occur. The pressure should be checked with the tyre rested and cold. Cracks in the tread rubber are a sign of ageing. Indeed ozone. Careful control is therefore necessary. Make sure it is properly locked into place.

In any case they should be changed once a year. Changing the windscreen wiper blades For certain versions. A few simple notions can reduce the possibility of damage to the blades: Rear window wiper fig. The nozzle holder is on the rear window. The windscreen jets are directed by adjusting the angle of the nozzles: Then check that the nozzle holes are not clogged. Not to be underestimated is also the abrasive action of wind-borne atmospheric dust and sand and mud and gravel raised by other cars.

Normal paint maintenance consists in washing at intervals depending on the conditions and environment of use. Fiat implemented the best manufacturing technologies to effectively protect the bodywork against corrosion. In the case of deep scrapes or scores. On your car.

For example. For the general terms of this warranty. Paintwork does not only serve an aestethic purpose. Windows Exterior plastic parts must be cleaned in the same way as the rest of the car. Use also clean cloths to avoid scratching the glass or damaging the transparency.

Use specific window cleaner products. After washing make sure that the various protections e. Engine compartment Where possible.: The car should not be taken to a closed area immediately. Front headlights Detergents cause water pollution. When drying. Therefore the car should be washed in areas equipped for collecting and purifying the liquid used in the washing process.

Do not wash the car after it has been left in the sun or with the bonnet hot: Contact a specialised workshop to have this done. At the end of the winter the engine compartment should be carefully washed.

Rub the seats with a sponge moistened with a solution of water and neutral detergent. Fabric upholstery of your car is purpose-made to withstand common wear resulting from normal use of the car. Then wipe with a soft cloth or chamois leather with water and neutral soap. Velvet is cleaned better if the brush is moistened.

Remove liquid or grease stains with a dry absorbent cloth without rubbing. Remove grease or persisting stains using appropriate solventfree products designed to preserve appearance and colour of plastic components.

Electrostatic discharges generated by rubbing during cleaning operations could cause fire. Before using special products for cleaning interiors. The temperature inside the car exposed to the sun may go well beyond that figure. Never use spirit or alcohol-based products. If when cleaning the windscreen with special glass products. L Body version code. I Engine type.

E Maximum vehicle weight fully loaded. The plate is to be found on the front crossmember of the engine compartment and bears the following identification data: H Maximum vehicle weight on rear axle. N Smoke opacity index for diesel engines. F Maximum vehicle weight fully loaded with trailer. D Chassis number.

C Vehicle type code. M Spare part code. The identification data stamped and given on the plates and their position are the following fig. B Homologation number.The pretensioner does not require any maintenance or greasing.

To check the level. If the other battery is fitted in another car. The ESP system is automatically activated when the car is started and cannot be de-activated. Emoticodex la retorica delle emoticons.

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