Track Saved/Submitted Application>>. Applicant Details. Salutation*, Mr. Ms. / Mrs. Miss. *. *, Gender*: Male Female. *, *, *. *, *. *. ID Proof*, DRIVING LICENSE . Account eh;knh tek [kkrk. Purpose of Account________________________ applicant furnished earlier has changed, please fill "Information of Applicant" form . which I/we am/are opening with Union Bank of India and amendments there to . The Branch Manager. Union Bank of India. SEEPZ++. I/We request you to open an account with you for which I/We furnish the following information.

Union Bank Of India Account Opening Form Pdf

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यूनियन बैंक m Union Bank of India. ACCOUNT OPENING FORM FOR NON- RESIDENT INDIAN (NRI). Account No. Name of Branch. NRE-SB/CD/Term/Flexi. Union Bank of India. I am an Internet Banking User with User ID. My Customer ID is. Please provide Internet Banking facility to my following accounts also -. Completed Account Opening Application Form along with required Bank may request for any further specific / additional documents as may be required. .. United Nation, European Union, United States of America, Japan, India and other .

However, it is not available to person residents in Nepal and Bhutan. Individuals from Bangladesh and Pakistan can open the account after taking required approval from RBI.

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This savings account with Union Bank of India has to be maintained in Indian currency, i. Funds can be remitted to the account holder abroad, provided the power of attorney document allows the same.

However, individuals and entities of Bangladesh and Pakistan nationality and ownership require approval from Reserve Bank of India to open the account. The resident power of attorney holder can only repatriate money outside India to the non-resident individual account holder from the NRO account.

Remittances from abroad in freely convertible foreign currency through normal banking channels are allowed to be credited to the NRO account. Other permissible credits into the account include freely convertible foreign currency brought by the account holder in the course of a temporary visit to India, transfer from rupee accounts of non-resident banks and lawful dues of the account holder in India.

Such dues include current income like rent, dividend, pension, interest, etc. Union Bank of India calculates quarterly interest on its fixed deposits. The penal provisions for premature closure on Union Bank of India FD are subject to change from time to time and may also vary with deposit schemes.


Illustration - Mr. Rahul has opened a fixed deposit of Rs. The borrower later decided to take loan against his FD.

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Now, if the borrower draws Rs. The amount he repays after 1 month is Rs. So, the interest charged on the loan taken is Rs.

You can earn a maximum interest of 6. Yes, senior citizens get a higher rate on their deposits compared to FD rates.

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The rate of regular FD are in the range of 5. Compared to this, the rate of senior citizens FD are in the range of 5.

The tenure ranges from 7 days to 10 years. Can I deposit additional amount in my FD account?

No, you cannot deposit any additional amount in your existing FD account as you are allowed to deposit only once at the time of opening the account. If you want to invest any additional amount in FD, you are required to open a new FD account. Is it possible to change the tenure of my existing fixed deposit account with Union Bank of India?

Union Bank of India Savings Account

No, it is not possible to alter the tenure selected for the fixed deposit account once the account is opened. Legal Name: Physical Address: Phone Home Work Mobile. Alternative Phone Work Mobile. Employer's Name: Federal law requires that financial institutions obtain and verify personal information in order to open an account.

Place of Birth: Mother's Maiden Name: Identification Type: Identification Type Driver's Lic. State Issued Identification Military Identification.

Issued In: Expiration Date: Prior to account opening, we will require a copy of your Government Issued Unexpired Photo ID, as well as your signature on the account signature card.You can try out Fill which had a free forever plan and requires no download. Basic Savings Bank Deposit Accounts BSBSDA : a basic savings account with Union Bank of India which provides essential features like: There is no requirement of a minimum balance to be maintained in the account An ATM card or an ATM-cum-debit card or a RuPay card will be provided to the account holders The service facility provided by the bank under this account includes deposition and withdrawal of cash from Union Bank of India branches and ATMs, electronic transaction of funds, collection of cheque drawn by central or state government agencies and departments A maximum of 4 withdrawals per month which also include ATM withdrawals are allowed.

The resident power of attorney holder can only repatriate money outside India to the non-resident individual account holder from the NRO account.

Union Bank of India Fixed Deposit ( FD ) Rates

Date of Birth: Eligibility Minor of any age. The features include: Union Bank of India savings account eligibility criteria allows eligible individuals and non-governmental bodies, organizations and agencies to open a Union Flexi Savings Deposit Account The account should have a minimum balance of Rs.

The amount of fixed deposits, interest rates on FD, deposit tenure and compounding frequency of interest together determine the maturity amount of the FD at the end of the tenure. As long as those numbers are entered correctly, any error you make in spelling, location or naming should not influence the eventual deposit into your proper account. Union Bank values your privacy and your business. For metro and urban areas, the requirement is Rs.

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