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The best book that I have found on Vipassana is: A Map of the Journey - By - Sayadaw U Jotika The online version is available for free here. Buddha attained enlightenment by the practice of meditation, and meditation is what he Thanks for this book in pdf I wish that u will give more books like that. Free eBook Downloads. The following PDF eBooks are available for free download courtesy of Pariyatti, a non-profit organisation. If you wish, you may donate to.

The Inner Kids Foundation for which my wife, Annaka, has volunteered teaches mindfulness in schools. Even the Department of Defense has begun experimenting with meditation in this form.

The practice of mindfulness is extraordinarily simple to describe, but it is in no sense easy. True mastery probably requires special talent and a lifetime of practice.

Thus, the simple instructions given below are analogous to instructions on how to walk a tightrope—which, I assume, go something like this: Find a horizontal cable that can support your weight. Stand on one end.


Step forward by placing one foot directly in front of the other. Clearly, steps entail a little practice.

Happily, the benefits of training in meditation arrive long before mastery ever does. And falling, from the point of view of vipassana, occurs ceaselessly, every moment that one becomes lost in thought. The problem is not thoughts themselves but the state of thinking without knowing that one is thinking.

As every meditator soon discovers, such distraction is the normal condition of our minds: Most of us fall from the wire every second, toppling headlong—whether gliding happily in reverie, or plunging into fear, anger, self-hatred and other negative states of mind. Meditation is a technique for breaking this spell, if only for a few moments. Just before bed, I caught a glimpse of a bulbous black spider in my peripheral vision, dropping out of a tiny hole near the ceiling. Unlike the many spiders on the veranda, this one was huge.

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I leapt out of bed in a panic. Every time I tried to reach the spider, it would crawl in the hole again and disappear. I left the light on, drifting off only to dream about spiders and wake up breathless. Finally I shut the light decisively. At 2am, I awoke to a feeling of deep alarm and turned the light back on.

The spider was dropping from the ceiling, right above my head. Gasping, I fell sideways out of the bed.

The spider, as startled as I, hastily clawed its way back toward the ceiling. I watched in horror as it spent the rest of the night eating other spiders in my room. I did not sleep at all. I fantasized about flinging off my pillows and running through the hall, screaming like a banshee Studies have shown that people who are blind or deaf have heightened ability in other bodily senses.

I felt a small, temporary version of this phenomenon at the course. I could not speak or write, but my mind was whirring away at an alarming speed.

Trapped in a cognitive cycle of shame and blame, my phobia of spiders was magnified. The next day, I swallowed my pride and broke my noble silence.

I begged the female volunteer leader to let me switch rooms. At that point in the course several people had left, and I was able to move to a different cabin. For the rest of the week, as everyone else sat on the grass enjoying the sun between sessions, I stayed in my room, too scared to leave.

A friend once said that in life, worrying ahead of time was futile, because what you are scared of never manifests. Instead, what you least expect creeps up behind you and scares you out of your mind. Or in my case, drops down from the ceiling in plain view. I wish I could say that the spider incident was a turning point. It was simply a bump along the way.

By day six, I felt exhausted by the pain, the sleepless nights, and a mind slowly unspooling. Also available in multiple languages and multimedia formats.

Watch Now. The Discourse Summaries of S. Goenka This book contains summaries of the evening discourses by S. Goenka from a ten-day course of Vipassana meditation.

Goenka from a ten-day Vipassana meditation course.

Goenka, sums up the technique of Vipassana. Sayagyi U Ba Khin Journal A collection commemorating his teaching This journal is a selection of Sayagyi's discourses, and biographical sketches of his life and the lives of the teachers who preceded him.

Included are essays by S. Goenka, as well as articles on different aspects of the Vipassana technique. For the Benefit of Many Talks and answers to questions A compilation of talks and questions asked of Goenkaji by students, with his succinct, practical and always encouraging responses. Get it delivered bi-monthly to your inbox.

The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation: As Taught by S. N. Goenka

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Daily Dhamma Verses A collection of inspiring verses from S. Goenka to your inbox each morning.View 1 comment. Just let it come and go naturally. Mar 28, Bharath rated it really liked it. For more information about Vipassana meditation, please visit www.

Psychotherapy from a Buddhist Perspective by Mark Epstein. In this book, Larry Rosenberg, one of the foremost teachers of this meditation practice, describes this method in detail.

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