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The name Catherine Ponder has long been synonymous in Unity circles with studying the laws of prosperity. Ponder was a young widow and single mother. Biography of Catherine Ponder, leading author of prosperity books. Includes by Catherine Ponder" The eBooks are in Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf) format. Documents Similar To Dynamic Laws of Open Your Mind to Receive Catherine Ponder. Uploaded by. Rafael Ehud Zaira. Sri Siva - Prosperity &.

Repeat this practice with specific attention to the throat, tongue, net, shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, abdomen, thighs, legs, knees, feet. Think of the Christ presence as coming more and more into focus as you relax the physical body.

Feel peace and serenity flowing through every nerve, muscle, tissue, and organ until you are no longer conscious of your body, until it makes no more claims upon you.

List of Catherine Ponder Affirmations

Repeat many times, the healing peace is now flowing through my body, relaxing, renewing, revitalizing, and heating it, making me perfectly whole, well, and complete. Remain quiet for a moment. The next step is to relax the mind. What we are seeking in this exercise is relaxation of the total man, body and mind. Now hold your body in a relaxed state and think of your mind, the whole mental realm, as an untroubled pool.

Surrender your human will to the divine will. Keep repeating them until the human will is no longer active in you. Now withdraw your mind from all concerned with the outer world. Say to yourself, he will keep me in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee. Withdraw your attention from your problems. Refuse for the moment to have any concern or thought about them.

Repeat words and statements such as these to yourself quiet, serenity, peace, pulleys, tranquility so long thy power has kept me, sure it will still lead me on. Now, let go and let God. Keep saying to yourself, I and the father are one until you feel the peace and stillness of spirit within you. Breathe such words as these: I am enfolded by his presence. I am resting in the secret place of the most high. I am abiding under the shadow of the Almighty.

Be still and know that I am God. Say these words over several times quietly and with deep feeling. Say them until you feel the stillness and every atom of your being. The purpose of this step is to help you feel the presence within you and unify yourself with God. Know the truth in these words. Feel it. You are approaching the presence of God who is closer than breathing and nearer than hands and feet. Now stretch your arms out to your sides and see yourself on a bed as surrounded with an aura or circle of light.

Think of this light as a radiation of the great light with which you are making contact you have three physical inlets for making this contact.

The top of your head, the souls of your feet, and the tips of your finger. Think of all three as resting against the circle of light which surround you. Breathe the light deeply into your being. Feel it penetrating every recess of your mind and every part of your body. In him was life and the life was the light of men.

He is only cheating himself. If this has happened to you, there is something you can do about it! The word receive means to accept. A great part of the act of receiving is to accept the good you want mentally rather than fighting it mentally.

A well-meaning young businessman said to me at a book-autographing party: Are all of those success stories in your books factual? Arent some of them fabricated? Why do you ask?

Because they sound too good to be true. Just how long have you been reading about the power of prosperous thinking? I inquired. Oh, only about a month, he said.

That explained his disbelief. He was still so conditioned to the limited beliefs of the world that he had not yet learned that nothing is too good to be true.

Copyright The Princeton Licensing Group www. The results of prosperous thinking are so numerous I cannot possibly relate them all.

And those reported to me are only a fraction of the happy experiences people have had who used the ideas suggested. This young man was still trying to open his mind to receive. He was trying to mentally accept the belief that unlimited good is his heritage. I had been saying I was on a fixed income. I had been trying to bring more financial income to me in a certain way.

I had not opened my mind to the possibility of unlimited supply coming to me in unlimited ways. I am receiving now. I am receiving all the wealth that the universe has for me now. Within a few hours, I received a telephone call from the new cable television company in town, inviting me to come in and discuss the possibility of doing a number of childrens shows for them on material I had already developed for handicapped children and for slow learners.

I went for the interview and this job is now assured. It is one that will bring a considerable income to me.

As I continued speaking the word of receiving, my retired husbands business quickly picked up. A number of customers appeared with furniture for him to repair. These jobs will keep him busy and happy for some time. This woman continued to daily speak the word that she was receiving. Later she reported. Money seems to be coming to me from all points of the universe.

I have just sold a childrens film which will be shown in schools as an entertainment feature for kindergarten and for underprivileged youngsters. Also, a film on games for children which I made months ago has now been marketed and orders are beginning to flow into the 10 Copyright The Princeton Licensing Group www. All this happened after I began daily to open my mind to receive.

Many people fight their good rather than accepting it. They foolishly think they cannot have their good nor should they be asking for it.

Such attitudes are no part of the child of a King. Do not burden yourself with such false ideas. Take just the opposite approach, as did this housewife, and see what happens as you open your mind to receive. At the Christmas Season, the emphasis is usually on giving, giving, giving. The result is that many people have a hang-up about receiving.

Giving is only one-half of the law of increase. Receiving is the other half. We can give and give, but we may unbalance the law unless we also expect to receive. Many people unbalance the law by not expecting to receive and so they do not. I had just gotten a divorce and had only a few months living expenses on hand. I decided to take a chance and use that money to go into business on a shoestring. My reason for repeating this ladys story here is because of her last statement.

Who Should Read “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity”? And Why?

She said, My greatest problem has been in trying not to feel guilty about receiving so much. It is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom, and it should be your good pleasure to receive it.

The new story showed why: Thinking it a joke, he had placed this slogan on the back of each T-shirt: Money isnt everything.

This man could not mentally accept the idea of prosperity in the form of money. He had not opened his mind to receive, so of course he did not.

Conversely, perhaps youve heard the other quip, Money isnt everything. There is also hunger, misery and poverty. You must be careful what you notice, talk about, or give your attention to, because that is what you are identifying with, and that is what you will bring into your life. Whatever you notice, you are inviting into your life. Whatever you talk about, you are inviting into your life.

Whatever you identify with in your thoughts, words and actions, you are inviting into your life. If you notice, talk about and identify with war, crime, disease, financial 13 Copyright The Princeton Licensing Group www. Through the law of mind action it will come. He invited me to eat in his restaurant. When walked in, I could see one obvious reason why business was not good. His restaurant had such a dismal, uninviting atmosphere. I suggested he brighten it up if he wanted people to come there to relax and to eat.

On my way out, I discovered another reason why business was not good. Near the cash register was a Joke sign which read, This is a non- profit business.

We didnt plan for it to be. It just worked out that way. The joke was on that man. He had mentally identified with non- profit and that was what he had attracted.

I suggested he throw away that sign and stop talking about lack if he wanted to prosper. Identification with a certain state of mind will bring that state of mind and affairs to you, so be careful.

What you notice, give your attention to, talk about, and get all worked up over emotionally is what you are inviting 14 Copyright The Princeton Licensing Group www. Open your mind to receive by noticing, giving attention to, and talking about what you want to bring into your life nothing else. While on a lecture trip in that area, I was surprised to receive his invitation to dinner because I knew that he had undergone serious surgery just a few weeks previously.

Many who knew him were predicting that he was through and that he would be forced to retire because of his health. Nevertheless, when I arrived at his beautiful home for dinner, he greeted me pleasantly. Other friends soon joined us and we had a happy evening together, as we chatted and reminisced about many things. His recent surgery was never mentioned. The state of his health was not discussed. In spite of all the dire predictions, this man made a tremendous come- 15 Copyright The Princeton Licensing Group www.

He was soon accepted by an even more prestigious church than he then served. Prentice Mulford. Wallace D. Henry Drummond. Emilie Cady. Charles Fillmore. Charles F. Louise L. Mary Baker Eddy. Emmet Fox. Ursula Gestefeld. Emma Curtis Hopkins. Shakti Gawain.

George Bendall. Henry T. Frederick Bailes.

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Warren Felt Evans. Catherine Ponder. Thomson Jay Hudson. Venice Bloodworth. Sidney A. Thomas Troward. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Christian D. Henry Wood. Phineas P. William W. Malinda Cramer. Annie Rix Militz. Orison Swett Marden. Charles Brodie Patterson. Albert C. Fenwicke L.

Frank B. John Murray.


Helen Wilmans. Lillian DeWaters. Horatio W. Nona L. Brown Landone. Julia Seton Sears.I follow my inner wisdom. Mary Baker Eddy. You are now able to say your prayers and give your treatments with absolute certainty of an answer. Download PDF:. Think of the Christ presence as coming more and more into focus as you relax the physical body.

I am open to receive. I honor my integrity in all that I do.

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